XRP Price as Low as $0.234, will it Ascend or Continue to Decline?

Steven Zenios22/11/20192min
The summer period for the crypto space has not been so “sunny”, on the contrary, it’s been very gloomy and bearish.

Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP seem to have taken the worst end of the stick and as it currently stands, this is still the case.

At the time of post, the price of Bitcoin is at $7,151, Ethereum is at $150 and XRP is barely holding its price at $0. 234 and showing more signs of decline.



Even though the chart shows a “red market”, XRP is the cryptocurrency with the least decline. It’s evident that the most recent event hosted by Ripple, Swell, didn’t boost the cryptocurrency long enough to take it to the predicted $0.40, but scratched the surface of the $0.30’s.

Will XRP rise or fall?

As the crypto market showed a more neutral temperament in most recent days, ripple continues its steady bearish attitude as you can see in the chart below. With most predictions saying that XRP will rise a little, it did but only by a mere 2% in 24hrs.

There were other predictions and indications in various charts that showed an increase in the price of XRP and that this could manipulate the cryptocurrency into a probable incline. But the volumes proved to send the coin into a continuous decline. The price will most likely reach a base of $0.230 once more and could end the downtrend.

The downtrend and transition will likely be witnessed by the end of November or the first week of December, as its price is expected to reach as high as $0.50.


Image Source by Coinmarketcap

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