The World’s Best Tree Houses

Christopher Zenios13/10/20193min
For those who travel the globe and want something more than a standard hotel experience the options to immerse yourself in nature and stay in a luxurious treehouse are available. Here are some of the world’s best treehouses.


TreeHotel located in Sweden is futuristic by décor but are situated in undisturbed nature. One suite is shaped similar to a UFO whereas another title the mirror cube reflects nature (literally). The interesting designs do not end there as the TreeHotel offers a huge birds nest suite, a suite with a design that looks like its made from lego and a spacious family suite in the shape of a dragonfly.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to Bellavista that is a community of 350 acres known for being self-sustained. All treehouses use solar energy and rainwater. The treetop community uses bridges, ladders and zip lines to connect all 24 treehouses making it the ultimate adventure experience deep in the jungle.

USA, Washington

Washington is the location of TreeHouse Point, the owner already had 20 years of building prior to opening his B&B in 2005. Since then the business has grown to nine treehouses with the owner now building treehouses around the world.

USA, California

The Human Nest in California is designed exactly as its name suggests as a nest. Built by an artist the large nest has soon been used for accommodation and is described as a cocoon of peace. The location of the nest is just minutes from the biggest sand beach and it also has organic gardens.

South Africa

Lion Sands in South Africa is an open-air treehouse in the middle of the bush. Lion Sands has the option of 3 locations that give you a high unobstructed view of the African planes and star-filled sky. For those concerned about safety the all of the treehouses have a double safety door or a draw bridge as well as direct radio contact with a ranger.


Canada is home to the Spheres that are remarkably similar to Ewok houses. The large balls are handcrafted and suspended in the forest with guests being able to feel the room sway in the breeze. The Spheres are safety regulated anchor points on a minimum of 3 trees. Although they look small the Spheres have enough room for a bed, table, and chairs.


Châteaux dans les Arbres is located 2 hours from Bordeaux and features 5 treehouses. The treehouses are shaped like castles as they are modeled French Chateau. The luxury does not end there as the inside features luxurious decoration and outside is even a hot tub.


Image Source by TreeHouse Map

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