Are the UK and EU Negotiations a Pretense or do Proposals Exists?

Christopher Zenios25/09/20192min
Chief EU negotiator Michel Barnier has stated that the EU and UK “should not pretend to be negotiating” a deal for Brexit if no new proposals are on the table.

The UK government has stated that it has provided a number of alternative offers to the Irish border backstop (one of the main issues in negotiations) however Barnier said the UK telling the EU what it does not like is “not enough”.

Despite this Prime Minister Boris Johnson maintains that a Brexit deal is possible at a crucial summit of EU leaders on the 17 October – Johnson states this despite any actual details of a new proposal being released in advance.

The PM also holds firm to his promise of not accepting a further delay of Brexit beyond the 31st October despite MPs successfully creating and passing a law that requires Johnson to extend the Brexit date if no deal is reached by the 19th October.

Nigel Farage, Brexit Party leader, stated that is clear the UK and EU are paving the way for an agreement next month which would be a “victory” for both sides.

However, ex-Prime Minister and President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker has a conflicting opinion of the progressions of talks stating they had been friendly and constructive but no progression had been made on the main points.

He commented

I said to Mr. Johnson that I have no emotional attachment to the backstop but I stand by the objectives it is intended to achieve.

Adding “Until such time those proposals have been presented, I will not be able to tell you looking you straight in the eye that any real progress has been achieved.”

With negotiations so unsteady and many conflicting opinions many wonder about a Brexit no-deal and the strength of the British economy.


Image Source by OpenEurope

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