UAE Permanent Residency Program to Benefit Nearly 7000 Investors (Golden Card)

Editorial Team20/06/20193min
UAE has been drawing international business and investment for years, with many people wanting to make it their permanent home. This is now possible with the exciting new announcement from Prime Minister and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid.

Golden Card

Thousands of investors and residents have been selected for a golden card “permanent residency scheme” This scheme makes it easier for those who work in UAE to settle and set up a permanent life that will benefit the whole family as well as the economy. Before the issue of the Golden Card residents have been obtaining visas that are valid for two to three years, usually dependent on their employment.

Now all of that is set to change as the Golden Card will be presented to talented individuals who have contributed greatly to the UAE, with goals of further stabilising and developing the UAE in the long term.

Who Will Benefit?

The aim of the visa is to aid investors, entrepreneurs and talented individuals who meet a certain standard which is yet to be specified. The visa will allow them to do business and also make the UAE a long-term home benefiting from the stability and economy.  UAE-based businessman, LuLu Group chairman M.A. Yusuffali has become the first expat to get the exclusive Permanent Residency, Golden Card. Others include Bangladeshi businessman Mohammed Rahman and Dr Shamsheer Vayalil with many others to follow

Gold Card permanent residence will be awarded to exceptional and talented individuals, and to whoever contributes positively to the UAE’s success story – Sheikh Mohammed

Why UAE?

The reason why so many desire to do business and obtain a golden card for UAE is due to a number of factors that make the UAE an ideal place to invest and work. The factors include the following:

  • Beneficial Location
  • Modern Infrastructure
  • Stability social / politically
  • Intellectual property rights protection
  • Beneficial Business Regulations
  • Open Economy
  • No Corporate Tax.

With these new visa’s it is likely that more investors will be drawn to the UAE allowing expats to look at the UAE as a home with roots then a quick plan.

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