Two New Milestones Reached by SpaceX

Christopher Zenios12/11/20192min
Elon’s Musk’s space company SpaceX has the goal of reusing and recycling rockets. The space company is happy to announce it has reused a rocket for the fourth time and launched with a previously used cone for the first time ever.

Not only have the company achieved this milestone but SpaceX has also launched its latest batch of broadband satellites using a recycled nose cone which is a first.

The Falcon 9 first stage booster that has successfully sent 60 Starlink satellites into space was previously used to launch satellites in July and October 2018, the third launch was on the 22nd of February.

This ground-breaking technology changes the decades-old procedure of space agencies dumping many of their boosters in the ocean after just one use. SpaceX is pioneering the way for landing and recycling rockets with the ultimate goals of one day creating a fully reusable rocket.

SpaceX has made reuse a priority going so far as to catch the halves of the cone in the sea with a barge equipped with a net.

The satellites launched are in an effort to have an early version of the company’s broadband service available by 2020. The long term goal for the company is to cover the globe with up to 42,000 of the small satellites.

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Image source by Voice of America

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