Top Overseas Retirement Spots in 2020

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Ever thought about retiring overseas, on an island in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean? It’s actually become a misconception that retiring abroad may need more than just a monthly budget. The fact of the matter is; your lifestyle may be easier and significantly better, by relocating for retirement to a country with lesser monthly expenses.

It all depends on what part of the world you wish to retire. You could save on housing, shopping, meals, medical expenses or other relevant situations. Each of the following locales is specifically chosen for those who can live for as little as €1,100 p/month. So let’s begin with our first destination:

Thailand, Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a large city in northern Thailand. It’s a cultural and religious city that houses hundreds of Buddhist temples, the 14th century Wat Phra Singh and 15th century Wat Chedi Luang.

The aforementioned and more, lure many travellers and retirees from all over the world due to its low-cost living and modern infrastructure. In comparison to other locations, it’s one of the cheapest locations to retire at, considering that for just €280 p/month you could rent a 2-bed bungalow including a garden and various utilities. Close to €800 p/month could fix you up with a 3-bed villa with all the 5-star utilities one can ask for including a private swimming pool.

Renting a taxi or taking the bus is cheap and eating a meal from the restaurants in town have been found to be cheaper usually than buying groceries from the supermarket.

Vietnam, Da Lat

Da Lat is situated in Vietnam’s central highlands, surrounded by lakes, misty peaks, pine forests and waterfalls. Also known as the City of Eternal Spring and for good reason. It has a very distinctive climate, due to its location, altitude. All the above can be taken advantage of for around €330 for a central apartment.

Da Lat is known for its amazing food, possibly the best in the country and the fascinating fact is that you can enjoy a delicious meal of just €1 a plate.

The monthly expenses for a couple would work to around €880 p/month, making Da Lat one of the cheapest places to enjoy living.

Italia, Popoli

Italy, in general, is such a wonderful place to consider visiting but when it comes to retiring, consider the village of Popoli. The village has a population of 5,000 residents roughly and acts as a getaway from the city life. This location has had a decrease in property value due to the younger folk moving out to the bigger cities. The basic monthly budget to live in Popoli would be close to €1,050, including your rent and utilities.

After retirement, some make it a hobby to grow their own fruits and vegetables, or produce their own wine and oil, as many other locals do. Purchasing a historic home among the mountains and hills of this village would be an amazing choice since Popoli offers everything a retired couple needs and is on the border of the modern and traditional worlds.

Paphos, Cyprus

The old city of Paphos is a place where many Europeans turn to when they plan to retire. It houses millions of ex-pats and tourists on a yearly basis also. Its affordable, secure and high-quality lifestyle is designed for retirees. You can spend your retirement years in the most enjoyable way due to the Mediterranean lifestyle in Cyprus – beach, sunny weather, ease of life and security.

Families from other countries, decide to spend the rest of their lives in Cyprus – look at ways to move to the island via Citizenship Programs or other means – to benefit from the better currency conversion rate and wonderful weather conditions and other features the island has to offer. Additionally, the price of property has decreased over the years, making it more affordable to purchase or rent real estate. You can purchase a 2-bed apartment for as little as €75,000 or rent it for around €400. The total cost of living would be around €1,100 p/month, including rent.

Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata

The Dominican Republic is one of the wonders of the Caribbean with its palm trees, warm climate and turquoise water. The nation is very touristy and these individuals enjoy the naturally stunning environment of the country.

Puerto Plata enables retirees to live in a comfortable, resort beach lifestyle without the typical costs of that lifestyle. Renting a place to stay in this town would come to about €1,100 p/month but investing in property of your own will work out cheaper in the longer run. Purchasing your own apartment starts from around €110,000 or less in some situations.



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