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Steven Zenios14/02/20204min
Most individuals around the world today carry at least 15 types of cards around, from debit cards, credit cards, gift cards and loyalty cards. Mobile Wallets were created to store payment card data on a mobile device and the owner can make payments at various merchants in a convenient way.

There are many mobile wallets available today but there are a few that stand out. To mention a few, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay are operating system specific, meaning they are mainly designed to be used on the device you are using. PayPal, on the other hand, works with all major devices.

Other popular mobile wallet apps are retailer-specific, for example, Capital One Wallet, Starbucks Wallet and Walmart Pay. These wallets are designed mostly for the brand’s loyal customers and they help shorten your wait at these shops, plus provide points over time or usage.

Ideally, it would be more efficient to store all your cards and payment information in one place. There are apps that do something of a sort, for instance, Samsung Pay is a wallet that can be used almost anywhere and Venmo allows easy payment transfers to and from friends in that immediate circle. Most other wallets work in a similar way by downloading the wallet to your mobile device, and simply following the instructions to enter each card that you want to store on the wallet app.

Of course, security concerns will arise but all mobile wallets today use encryption technologies just like that of chipped cards. They require your mobile device to be unlocked, a password input or fingerprint authentication to access them making them extra secure.

If you’re considering using a mobile wallet, check out the following top wallet providers.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay was developed by Apple for iPhone users to make payments securely and efficiently. Apple Pay is available in most major countries including the U.S, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Russia, UAE, Japan, China, U.K and many other European countries.

Apple Pay currently is the leading mobile wallet and supports most major credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express. The wallet is used by over 30 per cent of active iPhone users which makes Apple Inc. one of the major mobile payment firms.

Google Pay

The merge of Google Wallet and Android Pay back in 2018 brought us the Google Pay digital payment platform. Up until recently, Android Pay was used to make online and retail payments and Google Wallet was a digital channel for users to transfer money using debit cards.

Now that the blend has formed Google Pay, the organisation intends to become a top mobile payment company in the world just like the aforementioned Apple Pay.

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay was launched in South Korea by Samsung back in 2015 who aimed to provide a secure platform for smartphone users in order to make payments. Samsung Pay is available across many countries around the world including the U.S, China, Australia, India, Sweden and other E.U countries.

The Samsung Pay mobile wallet allows users to make payments with credit, debit cards and other mobile wallets like Paytm and ChasePay.


PayPal is one of the most heard of payment platforms mainly due to the recognised e-commerce company eBay. PayPal enables the secure payment of online purchases across the globe. The mobile payment platform has secured its position as a leading payment online service by providing payment options throughout 190 markets, different languages and 25 currencies. Up until today, PayPal has gained at least companies like TIO Networks and Swift Financial to boost its online payment business.


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