Top 10 Leading Nations in Renewable Energy

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When it comes to protecting the environment and slowing down climate change, it may prove challenging.

But with the different movements happening today and the emphasis given on the importance of using renewable energy and replacing fossil fuels, we see how that is starting to save the planet we live on.

Individuals, organisations and countries as a whole are giving their best to promote the use of renewable energy. Which countries are leading in the use of renewable energy?

When we talk about renewable energy, we have in mind wind, solar, biofuel and hydropower of which many nations around the world are using, but some are still using a significant amount of fossil fuels. In 2020, countries in the European Union are looking to reach at least 20% of energy coming from renewable sources.

A number of sources have gathered information on over 20 countries to uncover which ones are using the most renewable energy sources.

This is the list of nations leading in renewable energy usage:

1 – Germany 13%

2 – United Kingdom 12%

3 – Sweden 11%

4 – Spain 10.20%

5 – Italy 8.9%

6 – Brazil 7.38%

7 – Japan 5.5%

8 – Turkey 5.31%

9 – Australia 4.75%

10 – USA 4.4%

As it stands, Germany is a leader in renewable energy usage and is working on producing electricity using these renewables. From 2018, renewables account for more than 40% of the nation’s electricity consumption and by 2020 that number will increase significantly.

The United Kingdom is ranked second with 12% of the total consumption of the country.  The nation focuses mainly on wind power and only recently they surpassed a new record of 40% of the nation’s power was provided by these sources.

Surely other countries including Russia, Mexico and South Korea are contributing to helping the environment by promoting and using renewables, but the main objective is to promote it further so many more nations globally start to see the importance of renewable energy.

Ultimately, it’s not about who holds the leading position of renewable energy usage, but it’s vital to make individuals and organisations understand how significant this is to our environment and life in general.



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