Top Investments you should consider in 2020

Samuel Oskys20/11/20194min
Now that you’re planning to invest in 2020, you will need to begin thinking ahead in order to protect and increase your finances. You will also need to carefully consider the long-term growth.

Even the most experienced investors struggle to choose an investment, because ultimately nothing is guaranteed, and since we live in a digital era and the fact that we rely on technology for most things, this route may seem like the obvious choice to invest in. However, other industries offer huge financial rewards and benefits. We will consider several of them.

Real Estate

Real Estate is a powerhouse industry that has proven to attract most wealthy individuals that want to invest heavily. In countries like the United Kingdom where tax is higher and situations like Brexit are underway, property investment is still an option in 2020.

In England, there are approximately 825 homes for every 1,000 families, which shows that as demand outweighs supply, investors that purchase properties for renting purposes will most likely generate a return.

According to the HomeLet’s December Rental Index, rent has increased by 1.5 percent in 12 regions of the UK in comparison to last year, increasing the average monthly rent to £921. Another survey conducted by Knight Frank showed a 10 percent increase in European real estate investors showing interest in UK properties. Finally, the average UK price in mid-2019 was around £230,000, a £2,000 increase from 2018.

This is promising for real estate investors because these statistics prove that there can be great returns in the value of a property if these continue to increase in the future.


It’s a known fact that whether you invest in Bitcoin or Altcoins, they are not the most reliable asset to invest in. Most of us saw the price of Bitcoin rocketing to an impressive $19,500 back in 2017, but it also came back down and now in 2019 it’s stabilized itself at around $9,000.

The most recent reports predict Bitcoin reaching new record highs by the later stages of 2019 with a potential of it surpassing its all-time high. Due to this, cryptocurrencies may still be a smart investment to consider.

With cryptocurrencies becoming more and more reputable now and having significant regulations around the world, this has helped the market grow and grant the potential for economic competitiveness. It’s vital that investors invest through regulated professional and educating themselves via websites like Coinbase Earn.

Citizenship by Investment

Citizenship by Investment programs may prove to be valuable given today’s political climate. As aforementioned, in regards to Brexit, it’s uncertain what that would mean for travellers, once the UK gives up EU membership.

British citizens will need to purchase a visa waiver to travel to EU member states, if there is a Brexit deal or not. However, travel restrictions may be avoided if individuals purchase a second passport by applying for citizenship in another country.

For more regarding what Citizenship program to consider, check out the most popular Citizenship by Investment Programs available today.

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