The Top 3 Leading Cryptocurrencies and their Movements in 2019

Steven Zenios10/01/20203min
A new year and a new decade with new goals are set before us, but since it’s still early January, it’s a good time to reflect on the cryptocurrency movements of 2019.

Crypto-enthusiasts and investors saw many changes throughout the year 2019, as the year kicked off slowly but then some of the leading coins appeared to jump to higher values just 6 months in.

Let’s go over some of the ups and downs of these cryptocurrencies within price charts and then see how they performed.

Top 3 Leading Coins


BTC has and still is dominating the coin charts. Throughout the year 2019, it gained more than 280% in value over 6 months and but suffered a big loss in just a few hours of 10% on July the 11th.

From the beginning of the year up until 6 months later, it climbed from $3,450 to around $13,100. This boost in the value of Bitcoin was not seen before January 2019. The trail was followed by the combined growth of all other cryptocurrencies. From August onwards though, the leading coin evidently experienced strong bearish moments.


Similarly to BTC, ETH had a bad hit when it downed 36% over 10 days in July also. Ether has remained rather “quiet” in comparison to other coins meaning there wasn’t much heavy price movement but has had an overall interesting year by finishing its run in the green, adding hope and 140% more value, over the year.


XRP can be said that among the 3 top coins, it suffered the worst of hits. Its 47% drop in 2019 must have been hard for XRP investors. But what was even more disappointing being the 30% drop in value in November.

Meanwhile, during its descend, XRP did set a record of most transactions held at the beginning of December. The total amount of assets transferred hit $1bn and this made most investors and users believe that the Ripple team were behind the intentional XRP crash.


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