Top Countries for High Net Worth Individuals

Christopher Zenios01/01/20202min
The number of HNWI (High Net Worth Individuals) in the world is rising. Many people wonder where do HNWI make their money? Where do they live? Here are the top 7 Countries where HNWI chose to live.


Australia comes in at 7th place with 1.19 millionaires residing in the country in 2019.


6th place belongs to France with the country home to 2.08 millionaires in the year 2019.


In 5th place is Germany with millionaires making up 2.20 million of the population. Germany is known for its efficiency in business with the majority of the population speaking English which helps aid the business sector.

United Kingdom

The UK ranks at number 4 in popularity for millionaires with 2.46 million residing in the UK in 2019. The UK is a stable country with a strong economy, providing business opportunities for many in various industries like real estate, property development and many more.


Japan is famous for its technological advancements, so it is no surprise that the country ranks in 3rd place with a millionaire population of 3.05 million.


The millionaire population in China comes to 4.45 million. The country is known for its exports that contribute to an economy that is favourable for HNWI.

United States

In first place is the US – The American dream is still in full force with the majority of the worlds most millionaires in the world residing in the US making up 18.62 million of the population.

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