Top 10 Real Estate Companies in 2019

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Real estate is one of the few industries in the marketplace that has historically been a private game and for those who understand real estate, they will notice that even privately held developers and property owners usually dominate markets.

As you probably are aware of, the real estate industry is capable of generating very large amounts of revenue from property sales and in this article, we will uncover the top real estate companies of 2019 by sales. Let us begin:

10 – Gecina

Gecina is a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) that mainly focuses on local real estate in Paris France. Their focus on local real estate is so high that just 1 per cent of its business comes from other international sources.

Gecina does its utmost to make Paris shine this way, focusing more than 94 per cent of its businesses in the Paris region.

9 – Link REIT

Link REIT is also a real estate REIT based in China Hong Kong and focuses mainly on retail properties, shopping centres, shopping space facilities and other public housing estate malls in and around this region.

In recent years, Link REIT has pushed out local stores and replaced them with large chain stores due to the fact that it was hard to find decent locations. According to Link, the ultimate goal is to benefit the public.

8 – Klepierre

Klepierre is based in France and currently stands as one of the largest REITs in Europe. Unlike Gecina, Klepierre focuses on businesses in other countries in Europe too and over the years has accumulated over 150 million customers in 16 different countries.

Klepierre has been granted the “Green Star” award by Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark for its love for seeking out dynamic areas of high demographic evolution to do business in and its sustainability at a professional level.

7 – AvalonBay Communities

AvalonBay deals mostly in residential properties and is based in the USA, and more specifically in the north-eastern, north-west and California sector.

They have been known to seek out areas of high employment growth, areas that have shown a higher economic growth, to which they benefit from the growing number of renters.

AvalonBay focuses on developing apartment housing to suit the needs of millennials mostly.

6 – Prologis

The San Francisco, California based REIT has made itself known throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas.

They own and operate over 3,380 logistics facility centres and mainly focus on Industrial properties. Currently, they have over 1,600 individuals employed in 19 countries globally, and they focus on ethical business practices and environmental stewardship.

5 – Public Storage

Renowned for being the world’s largest self-storage company in regards to income made annually. They own more storages than any other company in the world with a record of over 2,400.

The US company grant Americans the opportunity to have storage which they pay for on a monthly basis, making it a lucrative area of business.

Not only they’ve established themselves in the USA, but they have stretch overseas to Germany, Denmark, Netherlands and other European companies, turning to international clients also.

4 – Simon Property Group

Simon Property Group started off with just a few small plazas by the 3 brothers that founded the company. Now, this American based company serves as the largest shopping mall operator in the states and is remarkably traded on the stock exchange.

Impressively, Simon Property Group operates in regional malls, outlet centres, lifestyle centres and international properties.

3 – American Tower

American Tower is a real estate company that focuses generally on the communication infrastructure and broadcast stations in various countries around the world.

This organisation employs over 5,000 people and boast over 170,000 communication sites around the world. Their positive and ambitious attitude has empowered many individuals and companies find solutions to different complications.

2 – Weyerhaeuser

This firm is known throughout the United States and Canada for owning over 30 million acres of timberlands in both these regions. They also operate more than 270 paper product mills in 18 different countries.

Their large amount of wood and paper production does not end there, they happen to be of the world’s global leaders in recycling paper and pulp products, helping the environment and promoting this action too.

1 – Brookfield Asset Management

Currently, Brookfield Asset Management leads in sales as the largest real estate firm in the world. They boast over 2,000 assets in 30 countries globally. They focus on property, infrastructure and renewable energy making it a desirable company to many high net worth individuals and investors.

Brookfield Asset Management has a strong global presence in industries such as energy as they contribute natural gas, wind and solar power and promote clean energy. This company is predicted to continue to grow even more in the future.

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