Security Token Firm Receives Investment from German Property Developer

Christopher Zenios15/10/20192min
Fundament a blockchain firm has confirmed the investment of Germany property developer giant Bauwens who has purchased a 15% stake in the firm.

Bauwens has made long-term investment betting on the belief that property development will become tokenized.

What is Fundament?

Fundament that was launched in 2017 offers security, based on blockchain, to companies that are connected to German properties. The blockchain company offers security tokens on Ethereum’s blockchain platform to raise monies to advance the property estate industry.

Following the approval of the German Financial regulatory in July the company was able to go ahead with its virtual real estate bond worth an estimated 274 million US dollars.

The partnership is set to enhance both companies as Fundament will have access to prime property development and Bauwens will take the lead in embracing emerging technology in the real estate sector.

Managing director of Bauwens, Alex Jacobi commented:

After months of deliberation and anticipation, Bauwens is pleased to announce to the world the partnership with Fundament Group. We want to make it known that Fundament Real Estate Token is an extremely thought-provoking option for selling our properties, and we are glad to offer them our real estate and digitization support. By partnering with the blockchain-based company, Bauwens is strategically placing itself in the emerging real estate tokenization market.

Fundament will only select a number of projects from Bauwens CEO of Fundament Ermel comments:

We will choose the most suitable real estate projects in our sphere for our portfolio.

Together Fundament will benefit from working with an established experience name such as Bauwens. Bauwens will benefit from the technology provided that will remove difficulties and barriers for those investing and trading.


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