The watch you wear says a lot about your personality

Samuel Oskys11/07/20193min
Is the Watch you wear a simple tool or a gadget that tells simply the time and date? Many individuals believe that this timepiece can say much about a person’s personality.

Watches along with other accessories like rings, earrings and piercings usually express your personality in many ways.

Most watches say that you are a person that takes time seriously, that you value time and make the most of it. You will most likely be punctual and that you respect time commitments you make to others. If this were not true, then why wear a watch after all?

But beyond this, different brands send different messages across to others, so let’s consider some of the different personalities some individuals may have depending on the various luxury models of watches.

Traditional Value

Classic Rolex’s say a lot about your personality. Firstly, that you appreciate time honoured traditions. Classic Rolex’s say that you’re not entirely a trendsetter or the temporary type. It also says that you value long term investments, whether they are physical elements or even relationships.

Active Lifestyle

Watches like the Breitling or Panerai usually portray a more adventure seeker type or a more active lifestyle individual. Many models from these two brands serve as trustworthy allies in your mission to reach the pinnacle of your game because these particular brands are designed with action in mind which indicate that you’re not afraid to do whatever it takes to win. These brands show that you are willing to give everything it takes, to dig deep and come out successful, in business matters or life in general.

Practical and Outdated

Both Omega and Rolex’s are exceptional brands and are designed to carry their wearers through the years of changing fashions without looking outdated or old. Luxury, attractive yet very practical watches and are usually handed down from generation to generation as they are family treasures. These specific brands are practical in the sense that they match most clothing’s and serve as signature pieces that last lifetimes.

Trendy Lifestyle

Hublot and Tag Heuer’s are mostly trendy type watches. They show elegance yet modern attributes and indicate that style is very important to you. By choosing the right watch you will maintain a nice polished look, whether your taste runs towards vintage-inspired fashions or more temporary looks.

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