The US Excludes Hundreds of Chinese Products from Tariffs

Christopher Zenios27/09/20192min
Latest on the US-China trade wars, Trump administration has excluded hundreds of Chinese products from tariffs.

These products range from drinking straws to pet supplies that were initially targeted in 2018 by Donald Trump. Other products include medical supplies, household goods, and sporting equipment.

This follows as the US and China are due to meet for the second day of deputy level talks in Washington. However, the decision is viewed as a way to protect US companies and consumers from the dispute instead of a gesture to China.

Friction has escalated this summer with both sides threatening to expand tariffs. This has resulted in a public backlash as investors, businesses and households all feel the effects of the trade war.

The rising tension in the public is not a good start for Trumps campaigns for re-election. Recent polls revealed that Americans are worried about prices due to tariffs and would hold the president to partly blame if the economy faced a downturn.

Despite this, the White House holds its stance stating that the tariffs are a necessity to force China to change technology and intellectual property rules that officials believe currently put the US at a disadvantage.

However, Trump for the first time ever acknowledged that the cost of tariffs has the potential to damage businesses at home. In August he delayed for a temporary time a portion of escalations to allow for the holiday shopping season, excluding some products.

We’re doing this for the Christmas season,” commented Trump on the plans. “Just in case some of the tariffs would have an impact on US consumers.

This development comes as recent speculations of a China trade deal to take place in 2020 according to US President.

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