The Most Sustainable Industrial Building in the World is in Netherlands

Samuel Oskys03/09/20192min
The Netherlands is a country known to lead when it comes to sustainability. It boasts the first solar bike road and some of the most energy-efficient global brands. Now, the Netherlands has something else to add to the list in the form of the world’s most sustainable building.

The building is located in Rhenus and is used as a warehouse and office space for the distribution centre for multinational logistics. The building is named NewLogic III but has been nicknamed “The Tube” due to its design.

The Tube has received the highest rating for sustainability following an assessment from BREEAM (British Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method). Out of all the 569,000 buildings in 83 countries that BREEAM has assessed, NewLogic III has been given the highest score of 99.48%

Why has the Building Scored so High?

The office and warehouse at the size of 60,500m² has extra insulation and is airtight. The building generates more electricity than it needs to function via a photovoltaic system on the roof consisting of 11,620 solar panels. The excess power is sent back to the grid making it energy and CO2 natural.

The building takes advantage of natural light that is designed to shine through the large triple-glazed windows so as to reduce the amount of electricity required and also make for a pleasant working environment. Other features include a heat pump, dimming LED lighting, charging points for electric cars and tech that monitors the consumption of water and CO2 concentrations.

The Netherlands are also the proud owners of the Deloitte Netherlands building that has become known as the greenest office space achieving the highest score in the category from BREEAM. These types of projects are aiming to eliminate waste and recycle to safeguard the environment while also setting an example that hopefully, other developers will follow.

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