The Most Outstanding Airport in the World is in Singapore

Samuel Oskys10/06/20192min
As travelling is now attainable for most people the world is becoming smaller and the airports are becoming bigger and better. It is not surprising as people spend hours before a flight in airports and even more hours when getting connecting flights. During this waiting period, people enjoy eating, drinking, shopping, relaxation and entertainment. One airport that goes above and beyond in delivering these necessities is the Changi Airport Singapore (SIN)

Changi Airport Singapore (SIN)

SIN, located in Changi, is one of the largest transportation hubs in Asia and this is one of the worlds busiest airports by international passenger and cargo traffic. Opened in 1981 over the years the airport has expanded and redesigned to become the outstanding airport it is today.

What Makes Changi Airport Different from other Airports?

Changi features an abundance of innovative amenities, these features include walking through gardens with the worlds biggest indoor waterfall, interactive exhibits, sky nets, two mazes, one hedge and one mirror, butterfly garden, massage machines, a caviar bar, high-end shopping, dining, rooftop pool and two cinemas open 24 hours. It is no surprise that the airport provides the option to check in early so that travellers have time to explore the vast airport.

Changi Airport Awards

With such an impressive list of features the airport has been honoured many awards such as the following:

  • Worlds Best Airport (won 10 times)
  • Top Worldwide Airport (won 16 times)
  • Best Airport in the World (won 14 times)
  • Best Airport by Size (won 2 times)
  • Best Airport by Region (won 2 times)

Changi Airport Singapore continues to receive worldwide recognition as they push the boundaries of design and service to achieve something more than just an airport but the creation of a luxury travel experience.

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