The Important Factors to Consider Before Renting in Dubai

Christopher Zenios03/01/20205min
Dubai is known as a prosperous land for international business drawing in people from all over the world. For those who wish to conduct business and live in Dubai, the first step before settling permanently is to rent accommodation, but what factors should be considered prior to that?

What are the Prices and What is the Procedure for Renting in Dubai?

Dubai is developing at a rapid rate, therefore, the property market has a wide range of options. Due to the number of properties available, you will not need to rush your decision. You can have the time to view and think about your options. However, this may differ in more prestigious areas where the market moves rapidly.

In the UAE housing prices have dipped in the last 2 years but accommodation prices still remain pricey. Rent alone may reach close to half the wage of expats but if accommodation prices are high then so does the level of luxury and this brings a sense of home to those who decide to relocate here.

Dubai attracts many expats and the reason being is because UAE property is always available and easy to come by. Dubai is currently the most expensive city to live in and Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah and Al Ain are the less expensive options. The choices in all cities range from high-rise apartments, villas and townhouses, all of which come completely furnished in most cases.

When searching for a property to rent in Dubai you can look for local ads posted directly from landlords. If you wish to have official help, Dubai has a number of real estate agents who are able to provide guidance and information on the area. It is important to note that Dubai has a list of approved real estate brokers that are registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency. If you employ the services of a broker, ensure they are officially registered to avoid scamming.

Is it Common for Properties to be Furnished or Unfurnished?

Dubai offers a wide range of options when it comes to furnishing or no furnishing that can be tailored to your needs depending on the budget. Services such as security and cleaning can also be factored in. Some areas are more likely to have these services alongside furniture depending on the location so, where you rent in Dubai will play a role in what is available.

What Rights Do Tenants Have?

To ensure a secure official tenancy agreement, you will need to check that it is registered with the proper authorities in Dubai. This would be with Ejari (Rent in Arabic). Once this is registered, you will be able to benefit fully from the rights of someone who rents in Dubai.

Landlords are restricted when it comes to raising the price of rent. The rent is based on the rental index that is published every quarter by Rera. If your landlord raises the rent, you can check to verify that the percentage of increase is in line with the index. It is also required that landlords give 90 days notice to tenants before raising the rent.

In the cases of unfair treatment from landlords, Dubai has the Rent Dispute Settlement Centre which gets you in contact with specialists that can provide advice and liaison between yourself and a landlord to resolve any issues.

What is the Procedure for Deposits?

The majority of deposits are usually set to cover a contract of at least a year so expect a fine if you wish to leave sooner. Avoid handing over cash for a deposit if possible and double-check that your contract and your Ejari form include a record of the deposit you have paid.

What Documents Do I Need for Renting?

The documents that are required for renting include proof of your residency status and identity. In most cases, it is sufficient to provide copies of these documents. If you are not paying the full amount of annual rent, then it is likely you will be required to provide proof that you have enough savings or earn enough to pay a monthly rent.

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