The Future of International Construction and Development

Christopher Zenios13/12/20196min
International construction and development are ever evolving as technology moves forward and designers push boundaries.

Every year skyscrapers reach new heights, huge bridges and tunnels connect distant cities and the principals of design are changed as we know it as astonishing constructions transform the face of the world.

As these new projects near completion who knows what the future holds for international developments, construction, and real estate but based on the creativity and drive behind these new exciting projects, the future will not be dull.

3 Mega-Developments that Will Change the Face of London

A new Thames Bridge will begin construction in 2022, although the capital has 33 bridges across the river the location of the bridge is between Nine Elms and Pimlico, the longest stretch of the riverside without a crossing. The bridge is designed for cyclists and pedestrians, promoting London’s goals of improving air quality.

Undershaft is the name of the 295m skyscraper set to be the UK’s second tallest building in 2025, given the nickname “The Trellis” due to the bronze cross bracing. The building is designed to mix business with pleasure, located in the banking sector the building will provide the highest free viewing platform in the UK.

Malt Street Regeneration, Old Kent Road is drawing redevelopment, Southwark council is currently reviewing an application to build 1,000 flats and townhouses on the five-acre plot. It is noteworthy that TFL is considering extending the Bakerloo line into the area which could turn Malt Street into the new South London featuring shops and office space, a very exciting prospect.

3 Major Constructions in the US

The vista tower in Chicago is set to be completed in 2020 and will stand at 93 stories, the third tallest tower in Chicago. It will be the tallest tower in the whole world designed by a woman-led firm.

The tallest tower in all of San Francisco is the salesforce tower at 1070 feet designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects.

Miami’s highly anticipated development is the One Thousand Museum made of 62 stories that reach heights of 700 feet making it one of Miami’s tallest buildings. It will also be the first US building to incorporate the use of glass fibre reinforced concrete outer shell as the framework for its exoskeleton.

3 Giant Development Projects Happening in Dubai

Dubai is already home to the world’s tallest tower; however, this has not stopped Dubai Creek Harbour beginning construction on what will become the worlds biggest tower, aptly names The Tower, set to finish construction in 2020.

The World’s first luxury underwater vessel resort

One other giant development in Dubai is called The Floating Venice, this 2.5 billion floating resort is just as amazing as the name sounds. Labeled “The worlds first luxury underwater vessel resort” it is designed to hold over 3,00 people daily with the design split over four decks, one of which is underwater.

Dubai continues to challenge the concept of construction with the proposed development of the “Dynamic Tower”. What makes this 80-story building unique is that it will be the first skyscraper with separate rotating floors, yes you read that right a rotating skyscraper, where even the apartments rotate. Proposed by architect David Fisher, the tower is yet to receive a location or construction date.

With so much exciting potential it is no wonder why premium properties in Dubai are still selling.

3 Huge Developments in China

Nanhui New City is a decade in the making and will be completed by 2020. The project dubbed “satellite city” will include residential complexes, museum, offices, eight university campuses and a plaza. The project designed by German architects is set to draw 800,000 residents.

Chengdu Great City is currently in development and plans to house 80,000 people. The projects is designed to generate 60% less carbon dioxide than a conventional development of similar population. The City also promotes walking rather than the use of cars with half the road space dedicated to pedestrian traffic.

Sunqiao Shanghai is a 250-acre agricultural district that is currently under construction. The project will provide workspace, accommodation, shopping and farm foods. The project will also include a plazas, parks stores, restaurants, greenhouses, and a science museum.

As these new projects near completion who knows what the future holds for international developments and construction but based on the creativity and drive behind these new exciting projects, the future will not be boring.

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