The Challenges and Opportunities of International Real Estate

Steven Zenios17/01/20203min
Real Estate investment is becoming more and more attractive, creating global opportunities for private individuals and wealthy families. Today most markets are at all-time highs and are flourishing.

Most wealthy individuals and business individuals want to invest when the odds are in their favour because that’s when life-changing economic gains happen. But times may prove to be difficult to invest for numerous reasons. In the past, we’ve seen where society has had economic challenges but has bounced back and used the opportunity before them to invest in international real estate. Let’s briefly see some of the issues, then talk about overcoming them.

Asia and US Real Estate Investment and the Global Impact

Asia’s property sector has gradually become attractive to international investors but despite the developments and investment opportunities that take place, things are expected to be very challenging for the real estate markets.

Currently, there are a number of large-scale infrastructure projects that are in progress in Thailand, and the Chinese are showing interest in these. Vietnam’s luxury housing market has improved and has had an increase in GDP. Most investors in Asia-Pacific real estate are confident about the region’s prospect and it’s economic growth. Real estate directors like Graeme Torre believe that:

“I think it’s still a strong regional market. There’s a great deal of capital looking for, unfortunately, fewer assets”.

The China and US trade war may affect the Asian markets and the global economy as a whole by creating spillover effects that will reach countries like Thailand that supply China for components for consumption in the US.

Possible Challenges and How Do Investors Overcome

The global economy is in a good state but investors worry that it could change and head for a downturn. For the US, this is the longest period of economic growth in US history so it’s logical that some may be concerned.

Investors having this concern may feel they need to increase their wealth or preserve it and wait for the economic climate to show its direction. Real Estate has always been majorly affected by economic and stock market changes.

Despite some challenges that may occur in the future for the real estate industry, there are possible opportunities for investors, opportunities like job growth and increased incomes.


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