The Benefits of a EU Passport are worth the Investment

Christopher Zenios07/01/20203min
For the select few who can obtain it, a second passport can take a person’s life to the next level, opening doors to many areas in life. Among the many sought after passports, a European passport stands out among the rest due to the abundance of long-lasting benefits and the strength an EU passport can provide.


Becoming an EU Citizen provides a level of security and grants a person EU rights. This type of security is ideal for those who reside in areas of political unrest and will provide protection via European laws.


European countries have favourable tax systems and a number of treaties that will make an investment in a European Passport worthwhile. Tax benefits will depend on what European country you are a citizen of but with the right research and location you will find locations with ideal tax benefits.


The world of business is fully open with an EU passport, allowing holders to trade and travel freely without the restraint of binding laws and visas that can slow down a business.


The world’s best schools, universities and colleges are located in Europe. For those who obtain a passport, the opportunity to send children or other family members to the world’s top education facilities are available.


The standard of European Healthcare is set high and across the board due to EU law for both private and public healthcare. Obtaining a European passport will allow the holder and their family to receive some of the best, innovative healthcare in the world.

Quality of Life

The quality of life and freedom that an EU passport provides is priceless. With such a variety of EU countries that offer Passport Investment Programs the ideal location is available for all those who can afford it. Providing a whole new quality of life for the passport holder and their family, those with an EU passport can say “the world is my oyster.”


An EU passport allows the holder to travel the world. This is ideal for HNWI who wish to explore the world and embrace many exciting new cultures. Travel enriches the mind creating unforgettable experiences. With an EU passport travel opportunities and endless.

How can you obtain an EU Passport?

EU passports are available for those who wish to partake in Citizenship investment program/schemes. These programs are offered by countries such as Malta, Cyprus, Netherlands and many more. Programs will vary from country to country but the main idea is that those who invest a large amount of money into the country via areas such as real estate are then able to become a citizen with a passport, in most cases citizenship can be extended to the investors family. Here are the most popular citizenship by investment programs.

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