The Advantages of Renewable Energy

Christopher Zenios12/12/20194min
Renewable energy is the type of energy that is collected from resources that cannot be depleted. Solar and wind are prime examples of this type of energy.

Additional types of renewable energy are hydropower, geothermal power, biomass, and tidal power, all of which produce power for planet Earth right now.

Even though these renewable energies are powerful resources and release less harmful emissions to the atmosphere, we still have to use fossil fuels to produce them. However, experts estimate that most forms of renewable energy will become zero carbon in less than 5 years. Consider some of the major advantages of renewable energy:

Multiple Forms

The fact that multiple forms of renewable energy exist, is an important factor. Since the ’70s, we’ve created power through the collection of renewable energy using different methods, either via water dams or large strips of solar panels.

They cannot Deplete and are Eco-Friendly

These energy sources can never run out because they naturally replace themselves. They are sustainable and abundant resources. Renewable energy is clean energy sources that do not pollute the environment. They produce little to zero-carbon emissions and have no way to affect or contribute to global warming.

These Energies are Stable

The power produced from these energies is stable and usable. It’s also dependable when an infrastructure supports it, just like wind turbines or solar panels. Its power can be distributed through existing grids and limit installation costs for various communities.

It’s a Reliable Source of Energy

In past years, reliance on fossil fuels has threatened our security because these are prone to trade disputes, political instabilities, the rise of energy prices and of course unnecessary conflicts between nations.

Job Creation

Since renewable energy has come into the scene, new stable jobs have been added to world economies. Countries like the UK have opened jobs due to their efforts to develop and encourage the use of renewable energy. As time progresses and renewable energy is accepted further in our society, then more jobs will be created.

Better Public Health

It’s a fact that if all governments built renewable facilities, the population of the Earth would benefit from better health conditions. Deceases like cancer and neurology disorders are partly due to fossil fuel use. Carbon and sulfur compounds emitted by fossil fuels are a health risk if inhaled over time and this gives renewable energy to be taken seriously for us and future generations to come.

To Conclude

The advantages of renewable energy clearly show the great potential of this technology. The full potential is yet to be seen, but if more governments invested in renewable energy, then prices would be better, more jobs would be created and the full use of clean energy would be implemented on a global scale improving everyone’s lives.

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