Citizenship Investment Program

Citizenship Investment program is a process whereby wealthy individuals can obtain second citizenship in exchange for an investment or donation.




Having dual citizenship seems to have become a symbol of prestige amongst the wealthy individuals of our planet. Obtaining citizenships by Investment, though it might seem like an attempt for the rich to flaunt their wealth, is a smart business move with a variety of benefits for the individuals who possess it. A person who has dual citizenship is considered to be a citizen of two different countries at the same time. There are different ways to acquire second citizenship but the most popular one in the business sector is citizenship by investment.

Editorial Team11/06/2019


Having or acquiring a second passport is something of great value. For some, it’s something like an insurance policy. Among many things, it can expand your investment horizons and freedom, and in some cases even save a life. In today’s society governments are imposing harsh regulations on their citizens so a second passport or citizenship may be described as citizenship insurance. Let’s explain why.

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