CheckFree Corporation

CheckFree Corporation is the leading provider of financial electronic commerce services and products. It  processes bill payments for more than half of the banking institutions in the U.S.

A few years ago, the company’s domain was hacked and traffic was redirected to a malicious site. It is estimated that 5 million customers logged into the fraudulent website although the number could be much higher as the company had 42 million customers using the site during the time of breach.

Steven Zenios28/08/2019


Although FinTech has been around for some time via mobile payment and systems such as PayPal and Apple Pay, recently the world of Fintech has seen a drastic increase of startups as more efficient and exciting services are now been provided creating notable popularity. However, are the new pioneering services and companies vulnerable to Cyber Attacks? But first what exactly is FinTech?

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