Spanish Golden Visa: A Guide to Benefits and Eligibility

Introduced in 2013, the Spanish Golden Visa Program aims to attract wealthy foreign investors by offering them a straightforward path to residency—and potentially citizenship—through substantial investments in the local economy. This program not only bolsters Spain’s real estate market and job creation but also provides investors with numerous benefits that extend beyond the borders of Spain.

Here’s an in-depth look at the criteria for eligibility and the benefits that come with the Spanish Golden Visa.

Investment Options

The program offers investors six avenues for investment, each tailored to different interests and capabilities:

  • Real estate purchase: of €500,000 or more.
  • Deposit opening: in a Spanish bank with a minimum of €1,000,000.
  • Purchase of shares: in Spanish companies, also starting at €1,000,000.
  • Investment in units: of investment funds, with a minimum of €1,000,000.
  • Government bonds: purchase of at least €2,000,000.
  • Business investments: with no specified minimum but requiring a substantial contribution to the Spanish economy.

These investments grant investors a level of flexibility and choice, making the program accessible to a diverse group of applicants.

Criteria for Application

The Spanish Golden Visa is designed to be accessible, with no language or cultural exams required, and no obligation for investors to live in Spain. This flexibility extends to the rental of the investment property, offering an appealing option for those not looking to reside permanently in Spain. However, investors must maintain their investment to keep their residency status.

Benefits of the Spanish Golden Visa

  1. Visa-free Schengen Area Travel: Holders can enjoy visa-free access to Schengen countries, staying up to 90 days every six months.
  2. Family Residency Permits: Investors can extend residency benefits to their spouse, dependent children, and dependent parents.
  3. No Language or Business Experience Requirements: The program focuses solely on the investment, without requiring proof of Spanish proficiency or business acumen.
  4. Flexibility in Residence: Investors are not obligated to live in Spain but must visit to renew their residence permit, offering a “safe haven” at any time.
  5. Access to European Education and Healthcare: Offers high-quality medical services and education opportunities in Spain and other Schengen countries.
  6. Work and Business Opportunities: Investors gain the right to work, do business, or transfer their business to Spain.
  7. Path to EU Citizenship: After ten years of residency, investors can apply for Spanish citizenship, subject to certain conditions, including renouncing their original nationality.

Pathway to Permanent Residency and Citizenship

Investors aiming for Spanish citizenship must first obtain permanent residency by living in Spain for five years, adhering to specific travel restrictions to maintain their residency status. Permanent residency is for life, with renewal every five years, leading to citizenship after ten years. Adult applicants for citizenship must pass exams in Spanish language and culture and may need to renounce their original citizenship, with exceptions based on agreements with certain countries.


The Spanish Golden Visa offers a comprehensive package for investors seeking not only financial returns but also enhanced global mobility, quality of life, and access to the European Union’s myriad opportunities. With its straightforward criteria, wide range of investment options, and substantial benefits, the program stands as a testament to Spain’s welcoming stance towards investors and their families. As always, potential applicants are advised to consult with legal experts to navigate the application process successfully.

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