Solar Energy Park planned in Scotland

Samuel Oskys01/07/20191min
The development of a new large project may be approved by Green Energy International for renewable energy in Scotland which will be set over 150 acres and comprising more than 105,000 panels.

The solar energy park will be close to the St Fergus Gas Terminal which has been processing North Sea oil and gas since the early 1980s.

The location selected is well suited for this massive project and it meets the needs for the development of solar photovoltaic panels. What more is that the project will take 12 weeks alone to construct after of course careful consideration and understanding of the site’s characteristics.

“The proposed development will aim to incorporate biodiversity enhancement measures and green landscaping that will add to the ecological value of the site and reduce the visual impact of the solar farm.”

The large scale solar project itself will contribute to providing clean, renewable sources of energy and reverse the impacts of climate change without significant adverse impacts to Aberdeen.

Green Energy International currently has 6 other projects that will be submitted by the end of 2019 and they aim to build these by the year 2021.

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