Should High Worth Individuals Rest in the Early Days of Building a Company?

Editorial Team24/06/20192min
Yes, you’re wealthy and yes you’re comfortable, but does that mean you should sit back and let your company build itself?

According to the second richest man on Earth, Bill Gates, he worked through his weekends and never took vacations in the early days of Microsoft. A great amount of time, effort and sacrifice was needed to set up his company.

In his own words, multi-billionaire Bill Gates expressed:

It really is true that I didn’t believe in weekends. I didn’t believe in vacations. I knew everybody’s license plate so I could tell you over the last month when their car had come and gone from the parking lot.

This may sound quite extreme or hardcore in some cases, but the truth of the matter is, to become a successful high net worth individual, a large amount of sacrifice is required.

Bill Gates is currently worth $107 billion and is the Co-Founder of Microsoft and has no regrets about working throughout his early years, specifically his 20’s and most of his 30’s.

He revealed that the greatest mistake he ever made was not setting up a competitor to Apple’s iOS operating system, Android, which was a $400 billion error.

In conclusion, as we’ve seen from the example of Bill Gates, don’t sit back and wait for your company to build itself but work hard and give the necessary level of sacrifice to make it a success.

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