Holiday in a Fully-Serviced Luxury Villa in Cyprus

Affluent individuals who wish for privacy during their holidays are in luck - High Worth Individuals have come across a company in Cyprus that offers stunning, serene holiday rentals!

In recent years, holiday rentals have enjoyed a considerable rise in popularity, with the global holiday rental market expanding exponentially. The reason for this can be credited to the competitive edge of such a practice: a holiday rental provides an individual with the novelty of holidaying away from home, whilst concurrently allowing guests to enjoy a sense of security, as they control who enters their domain. In an era when people increasingly value their privacy, this is an advantage hotels cannot offer.

On the other hand, many find holiday rentals off-putting as they do not know who the property owner is. It would in fact be unwise to opt for a holiday rental from an unknown source. However, is this the case for reputable holiday rental companies too?

Our High Worth Citizen team recently tried out one such holiday rental company that provides luxury villas in Cyprus for rent to see if they truly do live up to their reputation. The firm in question is SkyPrime Villas and the verdict? They most certainly do!

SkyPrime Villas deliver on their promise of private, premium and fully serviced villas for holidaymakers who wish for serenity, comfort and luxury. What is more, their villas are based in premier locations throughout the world-renowned coastal resorts of Ayia Napa and Protaras. With a wide range of luxury villas large enough to host up to 12 guests, you can rest assured that none of your friends and loved ones will miss out on all the holiday fun!

Crème de la crème: Vivo Mare Beachfront Villas


The pick of the pack are undoubtedly the Vivo Mare Beachfront Villas, an exclusive development of 9 beachfront properties ideally situated only 3 kilometres away (or a 6-minute drive) from Ayia Napa’s vibrant city centre.

A wide range of properties are available for rent, including 3, 5 or 6 ensuite bedrooms that can host up to a grand total of 16 guests, with ample room for all of your loved ones.

The More the Merrier: Villas for Larger Groups


The Vivo Mare Beachfront Villas selection consists of various properties that come in many sizes. If you are traveling with extended family or close friends, we recommend the following villas:

  • Tranquillity Beachfront Villa

The villa’s name is derived from 2 features it successfully delivers. Ideally located right by the sea, Tranquillity Beachfront provides its guests with unparalleled serenity and soothing, unspoilt views of the azure waters of the Mediterranean. With over 3 levels and 6 double ensuite bedrooms, the villa is large enough to host up to 16 people.

  • Elegance Beachfront Villa

This villa comes complete with immaculate views of the sea and luxury amenities, including a sauna and rooftop bar.

  • Glory Beachfront Villa

The Glory Beachfront Villa’s 5 double ensuite bedrooms are large enough to host a total of 14 guests. The villa’s standout feature is a state-of-the-art home cinema with leather reclining seats, perfect for movie nights with friends!

  • Seashell Seaview Villa

Seashell Seaview boasts stunning views of the sea, a roof terrace, fragrant lavender bushes and splendid olive trees. Its impeccable outdoor areas make it an ideal choice for any nature lover.

  • Wave Seaview Villa

Guests who are considering a holiday with all of their friends should strongly consider this villa! Its pristine, private swimming pool, jacuzzi, lounge areas and large roof terrace are the perfect settings for get-togethers!

Ideal Villas for an Intimate Experience


If you wish for a more intimate holiday experience, you should consider one of the following villas:

  • Emerald Seaview Villa

A contemporary, meticulously designed holiday haven rich in style and comfort. This 3-bedroom villa comes with stunning panoramic views.

  • Blue Diamond Seaview Villa

A 2-storey villa with 3 bedrooms, the Blue Diamond is extremely popular with couples who value their privacy but also might not want a completely solitary holiday.

  • Shore Seaview Villa

Perfect for smaller groups of 2 to 8 people, this opulent 3-bedroom villa allows for privacy, jaw-droppingly gorgeous views and easy access to Ayia Napa’s hotspots.

  • Pearl Seaview Villa

The Pearl Seaview Villa comes with 3 double ensuite bedrooms and can host 8 people. The villa’s infinity pool, jacuzzi, sizeable yard and balconies provide guests with ample room to enjoy their scenic surroundings.

Savour SkyPrime Villas’ V.I.P Concierge Service


If SkyPrime Villa’s titular opulent villas are the cake’s sponge, their world-class concierge service is the mouth-watering frosting that is just as integral to the overall experience. Upon request, SkyPrime Villas’ dedicated staff can carry out several high-end services:

  • Private Chef or Buffet

Guests have a range of options that ensure they enjoy a premier culinary experience. They can either choose to have a Private Chef come over to their villa and cook a dish from one of three menus: the Chef Set Menu, Barbeque Night and the Elite Chef Menu.

Those who truly value their privacy and wish to be left to themselves can opt for a private breakfast, lunch or dinner Buffet instead.

  • Maid Service

Why endure the hassle of homemaking whilst on holiday too? SkyPrime Villas’ dedicated staff can carry out whatever housekeeping activities you need. A stay that exceeds 10 nights comes with a free-of-charge mid-stay cleaning session.

  • Catering and Event Planning

SkyPrime Villas’ properties come with ample room, meaning you can enjoy them with the entirety of your inner circle! This is why their concierge team offers a Catering & Event Planning service, perfect for catering a private party.

  • Leisure Activities

Nature lovers will find this service particularly interesting! The SkyPrime concierge staff can recommend and arrange various outdoor activities, including rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, horse riding, sight-seeing tours and much more!

  • Car Hire, Transport and Chauffeur

SkyPrime Villas offer a particularly useful service in its Car Hire and Transport service. Guests can select an automotive of their chosen classification and have it wait outside the airport as soon as they arrive, or outside their villa, depending on what they desire.

Guests who wish for a more leisurely holiday can opt for SkyPrime Villa’s chauffeur service.

Get While The Getting is Good


With an immaculate collection of premium and pristine seaside luxury villas only a short drive away from the world-renowned holiday resorts of Ayia Napa and Protaras and a dedicated concierge team ready to assist every guest, we cannot recommend SkyPrime Villas enough! It should be noted that these holiday rentals are locally renowned. If you are interested in staying in one of these fully serviced, luxury holiday rentals in Cyprus, we recommend you book now whilst villas are still available.





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