Saudi Arabia is Constructing a Mega City Larger than NYC

Christopher Zenios29/09/20192min
Saudi Arabia has developed futuristic plans to develop a mega city 33 times the size of New York from the ground up. Officials in Saudi Arabi claim it is the world most ambitious project with an array of futuristic features.

The project is called “Neom” with the city containing 16 boroughs in the Red Sea coast in the province of Tabuk. Current plans for Neom state it will be finished in 2025 with phase one almost complete. The city is set to cover 10,230 square miles priced at $500 billion-plus millions in foreign investment.

The Neom project is a key factor in the vision of 2030, an ambitious schedule to revolutionise Saudi Arabia, transforming it into a technology hub. And as for creative and innovative ideas, the city of Neom does not disappoint.

The company behind the city is also called Neom and has hired three consultancy firms that are some of the biggest in the world. The companies involved have created a number of unbelievable features, one includes “cloud seeding” which is a technology that artificially produces clouds so as to produce more rainfall over the city.

The city also plans to create schools that provide that highest of education via holographic teaches. As well as this, ideas include an island similar to Jurassic Park that will be home to robotic dinosaurs for tourists to visit.

At night the city will be light up by an artificial moon and to travel around the city the use of flying taxis will be available according to reports. Other goals for the city include residents to be able to have the option of more Michelin star restaurants than any other city.

For residents and visitors who want to take a trip to the beach, they will be surprised to find glow in the dark sand as plans to alter the coastline have been put forward.

Construction on the unbelievable mega city has already begun with phase one nearing completion. Neom Airport is also nearly finished and is now officially registered as an international airport.

To ensure this vision becomes reality the Saudi Arabia government are hosting events to generate investment and media attention.

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