6 Private Islands for Sale in Greece

Samuel Oskys16/12/20194min
For the small group in the world who can afford it, owning your own Island is within reach.

Greece offers a selection of stunning Islands for sale that leaves you desiring the Mediterranean island life.

Greece is the country of islands. It is difficult to look into the ocean without islands blocking your view. With nearly 6,000, only about 230 of them are inhabited. Out of the 6000 islands, some have been rented with 99-year contracts to private individuals. Over time these are rented or sold to others. Such private islands for sale as they are called are in a sense a small paradise surrounded by sea.

Vouvalos Island

Vouvalos Island is a breathtaking island located in the Amvrakikos Gulf. The island is 31 acres in size with an abundance of natural surroundings including olive groves, forests, hill and rocky cliffs. The island is a unique shape benefiting from many natural harbours. In the middle of the island, there is a lagoon with dolphins frequenting the waters surrounding the island. The island is conveniently located next to several small towns and an international airport.

Kato Antikeri Island

Kato Antikeri island is located in the northwestern Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. The size of the island is 272 acres that are ideal for investment or personal use. The island already has building permits granted for up to 15,000 sq. ft. The terrain is also ideal for development as unlike many other islands the terrain is flat. The island is ideally located near amenities and attractions on the Amorgos island including a hospital and ferry line. Kato Antikeri benefits from two harbours, 2 wells, electricity, telephone lines and solar energy.

Kythnos Island Parcel

Kythnos Island Parcel is 187.47 Acres located west of the Cyclades, just an hour from Athens by boat. The island is underdeveloped regarding tourism giving the new owner of the island a great opportunity to create ecological villages, agricultural tourism and hotels to cater for tourists who wish to experience paradise on a Greek island.

Dulichium Island

Dulichium Island is 1335.00 acres and is the largest private island for sale in Greece. The island is located in the Ionian Sea and is apart of the Echinades islands. The island boasts natural beauty with over 4000 olive trees and red soil paired with sandy beaches with clear water ranging from deep blue to light green in colour.

Stroggilo Island

Stroggilo Island consists of 54 acres located near the popular island of Marathos in the Aegean Sea. The island is prominently green and is covered with luscious plants all year round. The island can be used personally or is ideal for development with power grids already established.


This 643-acre is the gateway to Athens, ideal for those who wish to have easy access to the capital of Greece. The Island features a flat terrain in the north that can be travelled via vehicle and large sandy beaches with clear waters. The island has soil that is suitable for cultivation with 5,050 beautiful olive trees as well as pine trees. The island boasts wildlife with goats grazing on the island and the island is serviced via two small piers.

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