One of the Highest Paid Celebrities stands out in 2019

Samuel Oskys15/07/20192min
Many celebrities and other HNWI can easily make the highest paid celebrity list for 2019, but one that stood out the most was Connor McGregor.

Connor McGregor is a professional mixed martial artist champion and boxer and has been named one of the world’s highest paid celebrities for 2019 according to the Forbes rich list even though he only fought once in the last year.

The popular fighter is known for is smack talk and famed left cross punch. He possesses a sharp tongue that tends to angry or annoy his rival fighters before his fights, which in turn lead to many viral moments. Not only he produces exciting pre-fight conferences but he has made it a habit in creating highlight-reel moments in the sports industry too.

McGregor’s best-selling events

Due to McGregor’s loud mouth and epic finishing knock-outs, he is able to contribute to many of UFC’s best-selling fights of all time as a pay-per-view (PPV) star. A prime example was his submission loss back in 2018 which generated 2.5 million PPV sales and is the 3rd best-selling event in combat sports history. Another gobsmacking event was the so-called Money Fight, which featured Floyd Mayweather Vs Connor McGregor, and generated 4.3 million PPV buys ranking it the 2nd best-selling fight of all time behind Mayweather vs Pacquaio.

Even though Connor lost conclusively in both fights, he received a base salary of at least $3 million and that the success of the PPV meant his total fight pay was more than $30 million.

Brands and Sponsorships

Ever since his last fight, he has focused more so on promoting and marketing his popular whiskey brand called Proper No. Twelve, and successfully sold almost 200,000 cases in the first 6 months and sales are still increasing.

McGregor also has his own clothing line, a workout program, MacLife website and is also sponsored by blue-chip brands like Monster Energy, Burger King and Beats.

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