One Barangaroo: Sydney’s Pinnacle of Luxury and Innovation

Nestled on the edge of Sydney’s vibrant waterfront, One Barangaroo stands as a testament to the city’s burgeoning status on the global stage of luxury living and architectural prowess. This beacon of opulence is not just a skyscraper; it’s a statement—a fusion of world-class design, unrivaled hospitality, and residential luxury that redefines the skyline of Australia’s most iconic city.

Visionary Leadership: CEO Ciarán Carruthers at the Helm

At the helm of this monumental development is Crown Resorts, led by CEO Ciarán Carruthers, a veteran with over three decades of experience in the hospitality and gaming industry. Carruthers, since taking on his role, has infused Crown Resorts with a vision that marries innovation with luxury. His leadership is not just about enhancing the company’s portfolio; it’s about creating landmarks that resonate with elegance and an unmatched level of sophistication.

Elevating Sydney’s Luxury Living

Developed by Crown Resorts, One Barangaroo is not just another addition to Sydney’s skyline. It is a masterpiece of architectural design, standing tall as a symbol of luxury and innovation. The development includes Crown Sydney, the city’s first six-star hotel, alongside luxury residences that offer a blend of opulence and comfort with panoramic views of one of the world’s most stunning harbours.

A Masterpiece of Design: The Crown Jewel of Crown Resorts

One Barangaroo represents the pinnacle of luxury and architectural beauty, embodying Crown Resorts’ commitment to excellence. From its striking design to the curated experiences it offers, One Barangaroo is a hallmark of luxury living and hospitality, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

The Future of Luxury Living: A Testament to Excellence

Under the leadership of Ciarán Carruthers, Crown Resorts has contributed a new icon to Sydney’s landscape, setting the stage for a new era of luxury living in Australia. One Barangaroo continues to attract global attention, standing as a testament to the power of visionary leadership and innovative design.


One Barangaroo is indeed a crown jewel in Sydney’s crown, promising a future where luxury and culture coalesce seamlessly, creating a legacy that will resonate for generations to come.

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