Nuclear Fusion Facility for Abundant and Clean Energy Enters Construction Stage

Samuel Oskys25/06/20192min

The United Kingdom’s largest privately-owned 10,000 square foot facility called Pulsar Fusion located in a secret location in Buckinghamshire aims to generate plasma temperatures far greater than our solar system’s Sun.

The Sun’s temperature at the surface is around 5.700 Celcius and the deeper you head into the sun; temperatures may reach around 15,000,000 Celcius.

Nuclear entrepreneur Richard Dinan who is spearheading the project aims to surpass the Sun’s temperatures to above 100,000,000 Celcius. By going ahead with this great achievement, nuclear fusion could be used to power space exploration and of course advanced clean energy innovations here on Earth. Not just clean energy but an abundance of it also.

To get a clearer image about what this could potentially do to future space exploration, it could potentially make journeys to Mars or other planets easier and faster with fusion rockets.

Journeys to Mars generally take up to 200 days or more than 6 months; with this new technology, we could get there in less than 3 months. Furthermore, space pilots would not worry much about fuel consumption either.

Nuclear Fusion opens up doors to even further space exploration and perhaps the ability to travel across space and perhaps leave our solar system.

Nuclear power is not just used for creating weapons of mass destruction, this is just the image that some humans have initially created. Nuclear power when in good hands, can be totally safe and clean and this is demonstrated by the stars themselves.

This technology will push us into a new era of technology and will give us the ability to generate abundant, powerful and clean energy.


Image Source: Nadine Cranenburgh

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