Most Fashionable Swimming Pool Architecture

Christopher Zenios12/06/20192min
Who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing swim in a beautiful swimming pool? Due to the popularity, It is no surprise that hotels and spas always want the latest designs to ensure a luxury swimming experience. For the high net worth individuals of the world, featuring the latest swimming pool in their property is essential. Here are just some of the most fashionable swimming pool architecture that is capturing the attention of many.

Indoor to Outdoor Swimming Pool Designs

As the name suggests these pools are designed to be both inside and outside. Starting inside a home or hotel and leading to an outside space with a beautiful view. This design gives the swimmer the sense of journey as they swim from the inside to outside, enjoy a luxury inside and open natural outside. It really is a pool that can do both.

Infinity pools or zero-edge pools

These pools are designed to conceal where the pool ends, creating a floating water type effect. This design is becoming increasingly popular as the pools are usually designed to overlook a stunning view. With no end of the pool in sight, it gives a sense of freedom to the swimmer, visually removing the barrier of where the pool ends, and the view begins.

Glass-wall pools

Glass wall pools are designed to look fresh, high quality and contemporary. Being able to see the whole pool provides a sense of luxury and also adds colour to the location. Glass wall pools can be built over multi-levelled glass walls adding a new dimension to the design to create something truly beautiful.

Zen Pool

Zen pools are created with the idea of relaxing in an Asia inspired style. The calm and tranquil design is achieved by the use of materials such as stone and Asian bamboo in the design, with many featuring steppingstones and a display of tropical plants to create an authentic zen experience.

When deciding on what pool is best for you it is important to consider the practicality of the design and also the style you wish to achieve. Whichever pool you decide to make a statement by choosing one of the most fashionable.

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