Millionaire Habits that may Surprise you

Samuel Oskys01/01/20204min
Did you know that most families in the world spend more money on groceries every month than the average millionaire? If you’re still thinking about that, keep reading. The average grocery expenses for most families is around €520 per month and the average expenses for millionaires are approximately €400.

Now you’re probably thinking that’s not possible, since millionaires have all the money in the world, they can shop at any high-end grocery store in the city and buy whatever they like. But it’s not like that in most cases. You might be also thinking that millionaires don’t bother with going supermarkets at all, well if you thought that, surprise…most actually shop their own groceries too.

The fact of the matter is, millionaires are just like every other ordinary person that works a 9-5 job, goes grocery shopping and shops with coupons and yes, try to live on a budget.

They Live Economically

Just because millionaires have the money to spend, doesn’t mean they do. Yes, sometimes you will get your eccentric millionaire who loves blowing money every month eating at the finest restaurants or buying the latest brands in clothes, but the average millionaire will not have his own chef at home, neither will he have a weekly gardener fix the garden. The average millionaire will go to the grocery store and save money with coupons, cut his hair for €15 at the barber and cook his own food at home.

They Track Expenditures

What some people fail to understand is that the average millionaire is frugal with their money. They’ve worked hard to earn that money and they won’t spend their money in one place. They will look for bargains or deals when they are out looking for a restaurant, even though they have the financial power to pay for themselves and their friends.

Most millionaires don’t come close to the stereotypes that people give them and this is because they work hard and they use their time and money wisely. In fact, some millionaires aim to become billionaires and all the above ultimately contributes to doing so.

They have multiple sources of Income

These individuals also tend to have more than one source of income and they surely “don’t put all their eggs in one basket”. This action helps when economic crisis strikes and they avoid economic downturns. Sources show that the average millionaire will have at least 6 or 7 sources of income because this way they find better opportunities and growth. Doing this will earn them more money and enable them to meet new faces.

They start nice and early

Most millionaires will wake up at around 6:00 am or at least 2 to 3 hours before their workday starts. The reason for this is because their are fewer distractions at this time. During these hours, no one will call them, text them and they won’t be overwhelmed by emails. These so-called “golden hours” belong to these individuals, and they are used wisely.

They Invest carefully

Something that almost every millionaire does is invest in different assets whether it be in real estate, citizenship or other sources. They invest approximately 20% of their income and they ensure they get the best possible return over a set time without very high risks. They also keep track of their investment decisions and don’t leave their money unattended or on autopilot.

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