Management of Wealth and Life Insurance on the Isle of Man

Christopher Zenios19/09/20192min
The Isle of Man has been recognised for its beneficial wealth management sector and life insurance for some time.

The islands services have won a number of awards including Best International Finance Centre and it is recognised by the International Monetary Fund as a well-regulated Finance Centre of Excellence. Other awards include International Finance Centre of the Year at the International Adviser Product and Service Awards in 2017 and Best International Finance Centre at the 19th International Investment Fund and Product Awards.

Due to these many outstanding awards, financial advisers recommend the Isle of Man to clients seeking advanced beneficial wealth management.


Clients wealth have been protected on the Isle of Man for over four decades. Over the years the Isle of Mans services has evolved and adapted to continue to provide the most beneficial protection for clients. The Isle of Man has a risk-based capital solvency program designed to operate and meet their liabilities due to policyholders.

Another noteworthy benefit is in the event of a company being unable to manage its liabilities to policyholders the company can benefit from the Policyholders Compensation Fund which will pay 90% % of the amount of any liability to the policyholder.


The Isle of Man has a range of international clients that fully benefit from the experience and services on offer. Such clients include:

  • Canada Life International
  • Old Mutual International
  • Hansard International
  • Integralife International
  • Utmost Wealth Solutions
  • RL360
  • Zurich International Life.
  • Friends Provident International


The Isle of Man offers a long track record of a secure and stable political and social environment that is the ideal location for clients. This stability paired with continual sustained economic growth provides the much-needed security for those who are looking for stable financial services and insurance.

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