Major Technology Trends to look for in 2020

Samuel Oskys03/12/20194min
Technology is accelerating rapidly. Announcements of new space missions, advances in quantum computing and a significant increase in the use of AI and Blockchain have been all over the latest news.

The digital era seems to be constantly evolving and improving, and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends. The purpose of this article is to inform you of the latest most major technology trends that will likely play a big role in 2020 and of course the next decade.

5G Technology

This technology will be a driving factor in wireless technology growth in the years to come. As more mobile phones are being manufactured, 5G technology will be implemented on a large scale. This will also drive telecommunication companies around the world to produce more 5G compatible devices to meet their annual targets.

Furthermore, the implementation of 5G technology will boost broadband speeds and give a reason for wireless and mobile networks to be even more reliable. This, in turn, will help the automation industry and the technological proliferation into urban areas, cities and other remote places. 5G with its high-speed data transfer will allow the execution of self-driving vehicles to receive and send real-time data about their surroundings.

Having said the above, 5G will speed up basically most things, not just telephony. Wifi 6 will also be developed and implemented. This means that internet download and upload speeds will be tripled, in comparison with today’s Wifi 5 speeds, and will give way for more devices to be connected to networks and improve the data range also.

As wireless technology becomes faster we get closer to seeing wires becoming obsolete altogether.

Voice Technology

Voice technology has been a major trend for a few years now. Technologies like Alexa, Siri and other similar voice assistants are not as useful as to be expected.

As artificial technology embeds itself in our lives, it will help voice interpreting and voice creating software also to move into a more human-paralleled world, making voice technology useful.

Blockchain Technology

No one knows the future of cryptocurrencies due to their volatility but Blockchain is definitely here to stay.

Even though it’s a concept of the 80s, we see Blockchain technology being implemented in different industries today and new start-up companies are finding ways to use this technology to safeguard their data and use its many other features further.

Blockchain technology will allow technologies and other data to communicate and transfer securely whilst preventing any malicious acts happening during this time.

Artificial Intelligence Technology

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most talked-about technologies of our era. Its concept still is not fully understood by many today. The overall idea of computers being able to learn, adapt or evolve in this world through AI and increased computing power, will make everyday tasks less complicated.

AI today can utilize facial recognition, voice technologies and understand complexities through various reports. In the very near future, we will see AI performing all the above and more without the help of a human. More interestingly though, it will be able to learn and grow smarter as time progresses.


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