Living as a Millionaire in Taipei – Asia’s stealthy rich city

Taipei is Taiwan's capital city and its population is around 2.7 million civilians. There are currently over 1500 residents in Taipei that have at least $30million in assets according to Night Wealth Report of 2019. It may come across as a surprise for some, but Taipei is ranked the 9th global city by the number of HNWI. But Taipei’s rich men and women don’t show their wealth hence the title given to the city “stealthy rich city”.

Taipei and its High Net Worth Individuals

Taipei is surely among the wealthiest Asian cities but does not have the popularity that other cities in the region have, like Hong Kong or Singapore. In the last decade, the amount of HNWI has increased more than 17% and no one ever realised. The reason for this is because the Taiwanese despite the wealth, they do not have a showy display of their riches. Most wealthy individuals tend to conduct a low profile lifestyle.

Their counterparts in other Asian countries enjoy their shopping, flashy jewellery, hypercars and luxury goods in a “loud” manner, but the Taiwanese enjoy all these luxuries in a discreet way and are more conspicuous in their approach to consumption.

Taipei and their Interest in Investment

Taipei’s wealthy individuals take pride in investing in real estate with most of them owning more than 5 homes each. This proves that property investment is an addiction to them.

Xinyi, is Taipei’s financial hub, it’s basically a concrete jungle filled with skyscrapers and luxury penthouses, Michelin rated restaurants and various top quality shops.

This location is also home to the Taipei 101 Office Tower which is the tallest in the city an stands at 1,667 feet as the 9th tallest in the world. The Xinyi area is filled with luxury residential developments and is known for its premier shopping mall.

The above proves that Taipei’s wealthiest have invested much to build this part of the region into something special.


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