Iranian Residence Permits for €250,000 Investment

Editorial Team02/07/20191min
The government of Iran, with the approval of President Hassan Rouhani, has decided to offer residence permits for 5 years to foreigners who invest €250,000 in Iran.

The initial investment according to an Iranian official was €200,000 but the amount was increased and approved. This decision was placed to simplify the process of investments in Iran. These investments can be in the form of stock purchase in the local equity market, investing in real estate and production and deposits in Iranian banks.

It’s clear to see that due to the serious economic crisis in Iran with more than 5% negative growth, the government needs to find new ways of increasing economic growth, instead of using just their main source of income which is oil exports.

Oil exports volumes have also dropped due to U.S sanctions. As we know, after the invasion of Iran by Iraq, the U.S increased sanctions against Iran and these were approved to prohibit weapons sales and U.S. assistance to Iran.

Various obvious situations have caused Iran to have a globally low ranking in attracting foreign investments. The Iranian government received $3.4bn of foreign investment in 2018, 30% less than in 2017.

This type of scheme is not expected to attract western investors due to the instability in foreign affairs.

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