IKEA hopes to be Climate Positive by 2030

Samuel Oskys26/09/20193min
The largest furniture company, IKEA, has decided to help climate change by developing an affordable solar power program, to convince its customers to do the same.

The timing is not a coincidence, as Google, Amazon and other mega-companies globally are using the UN’s Climate Action Summit to build goodwill.

It’s invested €2.5 billion in solar and wind systems to generate power for its operations around the world. This investment makes IKEA one of the few global consumer brands to own and operate its own renewable infrastructure.

Google on the other hand, that claimed it made the largest renewable energy purchase thus far, receives energy from independent solar farms across the North and South America and Europe. IKEA states that they generate more electricity than its store consumes and they expect its entire supply chain to become climate positive by 2030.

Pia Heidenmark Cook, Ingka Group’s chief sustainability officer expresses,

Weaning off fossil fuels isn’t just about a social good initiative…We have to do this because we’re here for the long term.

CEO Jesper Brodin of the Ingka Group also added,

It’s actually smart business and what the business model of the future will look like. Everything around fossil fuels and daft use of resources will be expensive.

What is also vital to mention is that the sustainability programs placed have proven to attract and motivate IKEA’s employees.

Simultaneously while working on generating energy for its own purpose, IKEA is developing a scheme to make solar energy more affordable for all its customers.

Cook says,

We want to empower millions of customers to produce and use renewable energy. Our home solar service is today available in seven countries, and we continue investing heavily to develop our home energy service offering, with the aim to make it available across all our 30 markets by 2025.

Even though there have been a few issues in various European countries like the UK, regarding an increase in government tariffs, and accusations about product purchases in Germany, IKEA is confident that it can make green energy can be an accessible commodity.

In effect, IKEA wants to inspire and allow as many individuals as it can to live a better life in a green energy environment.


Image Source by Power and Solar Management

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