How to Run a One Person Business

Samuel Oskys07/11/20193min
Everyone must start somewhere and for the majority of business owners, many have started from humble beginnings.

Whether you plan on expanding and adding employees to a one-person business in the future or you are happy to remain as you are the key to running a successful one-person business is down to the following:

Business Plan

Even if you work solo it does not mean you should keep all your plans and ideas in your head. It is essential that you clearly plan and prioritise your goals as your time and energy will be precious due to managing all aspects of your business. Making the time to create a business plan will save you time in the future when its down to you to decide business strategy and direction. A plan will also help you factor in and prepare for any problems that may occur, again saving you time in the future.


A website is the face of a business and for those who wish to convey the illusion that their business is in fact not just run by one person, it is essential to create an impressive website. A well-designed website detailing different areas and departments of your business can help build confidence in your business and brand.

Bank Account

To keep business and personal life separate it is important to open a separate business account. It will then be easier to track ingoing and outgoing money without mixing up and personal spending. It is also beneficial when it comes to tax as you can order a business credit card to pay expenses and this makes record keeping easier when it comes to checking and paying tax.


Take advantage of today’s tech and the numerous apps for business that are available. Things such as storing information in the cloud allow you to access your information on a number of devices no matter where you are, saving you from running back to the office for any forgotten files. Other beneficial apps can help with tracking business expenses and generating invoices to signing documents and accepting payments from customers on your mobile device.


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