How Film Production Companies stay Up-to-Date with Technology

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Many individuals have seen various markets being disrupted by numerous technologies, some of which are Blockchain, Fintech, Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and more. However, not many take into consideration how the emergence of technologies in the filmmaking industry has improved in the last decade especially.

When you watch old movies on your home screen you will clearly see how far we have advanced technologically. Whether it’s background scenery or plastic Godzilla’s breaking cities in Japan, viewers will see on and off-screen that technology has evolved immensely over the years.

What is promising is that technological advancements in the filmmaking industry are improving on a daily basis and further down you will see how.

As HWC we had the opportunity to get in touch with a professional filmmaking firm. The Business Debate, a filmmaking firm that has taken a unique route into the industry by “extracting beautiful objects from raw materials”, was more than happy to answer our question regarding their view on companies staying up to date with technology. They are more than relevant since with the support of new technologies they produce perfect stories and messages through film and imagery.

According to TBD’s CEO Paolo Zanini:

Technology is a fantastic leveller in terms of what it allows people to do. Anyone can pick up a camera, create a film and release it online, all at a low cost.

With the use of technology today, it helps film producers and other film-related subjects create whatever they want in a cost-effective manner.

Having mentioned the above, below you will discover some technologies, some filmmakers may use in today’s technologically advanced era.

VR and AR: Popular Weapons in the Film Industry

Virtual Reality (VR) is a popular tool in the film and gaming industry and it increases the levels of viewer engagement. VR is designed to give you a real experience by letting you enter the set and enable you to interact with the digital world you are in.

Even though this technology has not reached its full potential, it’s something that directors and producers are excited about and they believe its potential to bring even more creative ideas to the film industry is very promising.

Augmented Reality (AR) is also being developed alongside VR. If some of you remember Pokémon Go or Harry Potter: Wizards Unite; these are prime examples of AR technology being used via mobile devices, as you could interact with the application and collect various elements within the game, depending on your actual location.

The interesting factor about AR is that the film industry can take advantage of the technology and make it more interactive and personalized, hence making the user experience better.

Technologies that Improve Filmmaking Production

VR and AR are making experiences unique for viewers, but at the same, technology is improving behind the scenes. These are some ways:

Autonomous Drone Cameras

Using artificial intelligence advancements, these can be taught to operate independently. These types of drones are almost sentient. It has the knowledge of filmmaking, angles and techniques – everything needed to make a good film.

These are also more efficient, safer, easier and faster to set up and use than helicopters and in most cases, shoot better aerial footage than cameramen from helicopters. Overall, drone use is more convenient and helps execute a film directors vision easier.

3D Printing

3D printing is adopted in filmmaking to reduce costs because filming equipment doesn’t need to be transferred and shipping costs can be avoided. Concept software has made it easier for filmmakers and designers to execute their visions digitally also.

4K 3D Cameras

It’s all heading towards VR and this is one of the main focuses in the film industry. This is why VR filming technology seems very real, due to 4K 3D cameras. This technology will be a thing of the future with the way things are progressing in the future.

Algorithmic Video Editing

This technology is changing the film editing process. Scenes and features within a film can be added later in scenes from post-production. Some believe that this technology may put the entire video editing team out of business.

The Future of Filmmaking

Although it has proven challenging in the past, technological changes have made it easier today for producers to execute their artistic visions digitally. Filmmakers of all levels and backgrounds have access to professional tools and the latest technologies as confirmed by TBD’s Paolo Zanini, and this, in turn, allows the industry to grow.

This will yet again be proven when end users from all sectors of filmmaking, be it short film, documentary or Hollywood filmmaking, are empowered by these tools.


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