120,000 Green Energy Jobs must be Created in the UK by 2030

Christopher Zenios04/02/20204min
National Grid has warned that the UK must recruit at least 120,000 people to fill green energy roles within the next decade if the UK is to meet climate targets.

The roles are needed to help develop projects that have aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions to almost zero. The number is expected to reach around 400,000 by 2050 when the UK government expects to have developed technology for a clean green energy system that runs from renewable electricity, green heating systems, and electric vehicles.

The need for recruits is expected to grow as Britain faces a green energy jobs crunch over the next 10 years. The report released warned that a fifth of the employees currently in the energy sector is due to retire by 2030. The UK energy sector faces competition from other areas and only has a small number of young people pursuing Stem (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) qualifications, creating a gap in the employment market for green energy.

Director of National Grid Nicola Shaw commented:

The time is now for the sector to rise to the challenge and overcome the longstanding issues we face in recruiting a diverse workforce with the right skills to deliver on the UK’s ambitions.

The UK’s plan to cut emissions to zero and offset pollution that is unavoidable, via carbon capture schemes, will take major investment in a range of areas including offshore wind, clean heating schemes, electric vehicles and carbon-capture technology.

The energy industry is expected to use its position in the global climate crisis to encourage young graduates into the industry.

YouGov carried out research that revealed people of all ages across the UK are “looking for a job with an environmental purpose”. More than eight out of ten women and seven out of ten men said they are keen to play a role in tackling climate change. Over half of adults specifically wish to work alongside organisations that will help the UK reach climate goals.

The report said that the rising need for energy jobs will provide opportunities for skilled tradespeople, engineers and specialists. Many of the jobs will be located in the north of the country according to the National Grid. New energy projects will need more than 21,000 new recruits to complete projects including an offshore wind farm off the coast of Blythe and the new subsea power cable from the north-east of England to Norway.

In Scotland, green energy workers will be needed to fill more than 48,000 energy positions by 2050 and Wales expects around 25,000 roles.

The minister of state for business, energy and clean growth Kwasi Kwarteng commented:

Tackling climate change is not only saving the planet but is significantly boosting our economy. As we work to reduce our emissions to net-zero by 2050, the UK has the potential to support 2m green-collar jobs across our world-class renewables sector, among other industries.


Image source by Finacial Times

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