23 Future Energy Pilot Projects Across Europe Awarded by ERA-Net

Steven Zenios03/02/20204min
The ERA that operates under the European Unions Horizon 2020 initiative has awarded future energy projects revealing the technology that will be used for its net-zero carbon plans by 2050.

The new projects have brought to light a whole range of business models and technology from sector coupling, blockchain and smart EV charging. These projects that feature the technology have been awarded €33.3 million to aid the dedication of Europe to become carbon neutral.

The funds are awarded to the 23 projects via Europe’s ‘transnational joint programming platform to initiate co-creation and promote energy system innovation’, called ERA-Net.

The 23 projects were chosen from 57 green energy projects across 18 countries and regions one of the projects is from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim that will take the lead with a blockchain energy market trial that will be tested in Austria, Ireland, Spain, and Norway. Researchers plan to novelize energy market approaches, rules for local electricity prices, and market integration of distributed renewable energy resources.

Another example is the Swedish and Italian authorities who are working alongside Siemens to create a gas turbine test centre for hydrogen use incrementally. Excess energy from the turbines will be used to produce hydrogen. A smart grid will enable the use of excess heat and electricity on the industrial site. The project also plans to enable the future modification of gas turbines to run completely from hydrogen.

A joint Scottish, Spanish and Turkish enterprise is developing and researching ways to improve VPP (virtual power plants) Existing VPP technology is just entering in some select markets the team already wishes to develop it further. The team aims to further combine more sectors and energy vectors on the platform, establishing roadmaps for infrastructure planning across the continent.

Elsewhere teams in Germany, Austria and France work to implement blockchain for ancillary services. The team aims to research how smart rescheduling of low-voltage grid balancing options can be used in the event of re-dispatch.

These are just some of the many projects awarded the full list can be seen here.


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Image source by newenergyera.org

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