Editorial Policy

HWC mission

As a 24/7 news, data and events provider, HWC’s objective is to deliver the latest business news on finance, investment, real estate, technology and wealth. We also strive to inform and educate high net worth individuals on the latest technological and fintech developments.


HWC operates independently and with full transparency. HWC staff does not posses any non-public knowledge on trading positions nor does it provide trading or investment advice. Readers are solely responsible for their own decisions and investments.

General guidelines

We strive for utmost fairness, accuracy, objectivity and responsible reporting, whether reporting original news or in reviewing and corroborating information from other sources.
The editorial team will cover news with impartiality and integrity, without third party influence.
Journalists are required to disclose if they have an interest in an asset or project mentioned in a post and a disclaimer should be shown at the end of the post.
It is critical that the facts are always delivered with utmost objectivity. Before an article is published, it is examined by an editor to ensure all facts are presented objectively and free from bias.
When covering existing news, we only cover stories that have been vetted by reputable news agencies. In addition, to ensure transparency and give proper attribution, all news is cited to its original source.
All of our writers are required to source images and quotes that are within the public domain and always attribute any assets used to the original owner or creator.
From time to time, authors will publish opinion articles. The views and opinion of the author do not necessarily reflect the views and opinion of High Worth Citizen.
HWC does not do business with any projects that advertise any form of guaranteed returns, use deceptive marketing or refuse to publicly identify team members.
HWC does not take positions on the economic value on any given asset, though our outside opinion contributors may express their own views on such matters.
These guidelines are periodically reviewed and updated.

Revenue Model

HWC earns money through research, advertising and sponsored content.
The company does not trade stocks or invest in any other assets.

Sponsored Content Editorial Guidelines

We assign you an editor from our sponsored content team to write your article and ensure it meets our editorial standards. We then send you the draft for your feedback and suggested edits until we get the piece just right. When we create sponsored content we try to follow these general rules:

• The piece should offer fresh, thoughtful commentary on issues relevant to finance, investment, real estate, technology and wealth written by the HWC editor who has expertise or experience on the particular subject. The writing should be accessible, compelling and jargon-free.
• We strive to inform and engage, but not advertise. Offering useful and actionable information in a lively and readable style will do far more to promote your brand than an old-fashioned marketing pitch. While it’s perfectly acceptable to mention your company’s work, we try to broaden the focus to reference developments or trends happening in the industry and community. The more authentic and impartial the article, the more impact it will have.
• We like to keep articles between 400 to 700 words. We ensure to include links to topics, research, and other specific items that we are discussing. If we cite a study, for example, we will include a link to it.

*We retain the copyright of the piece and have the right to run it online or in any future collections of pieces. If you wish to repost it, please include a line that says the piece originally ran on HWC, with a link to our site.

About us

High Worth Citizen is all about delivering the latest business news on finance, investment, real estate and wealth. Our readers are the rich and powerful, their associates and business partners, the global High Net Worth Individuals.