Developers are taking High Rises to the next level

Christopher Zenios09/01/20204min
Urbanisation is an important element in modern living. The need for space is becoming more and more essential and so the need to build vertically is becoming a trend and more convenient than building horizontally. This is an important factor in managing mega-city infrastructure and makes it easier to manage the demands of a growing population.

Safety, Sustainability and Technology

Safety has become mandatory and sustainability has turned from trend to necessity in recent years.

High rise design and construction involve creating a safe zone and habitable space in tall buildings and this means they must protect people from natural forces like wind, rain, fire and resist earthquakes and in some cases tsunamis.

Modern skyscrapers provide comfortable climates, utilities and have conveniently placed and accessible entry and exit points for its occupants.

It goes without saying that the problems that are presented in high rise designs are the most complex encountered given the balances required between engineering, economics and of course construction management.

Sustainability includes the built and natural environments. The materials, construction practices and performance of each structure are considered.

Structures like the 1 Bligh Street in Sydney, Australia is a modern style office skyscraper that overlooks the harbour and bridge. It’s been constructed as ecologically sustainable development. Its sustainable features include solar panels on the roof, air conditioning by chilled beams and a sewage plant in the basement that recycles almost all of the high-rise’s wastewater.

It’s a fully interactive skyscraper. The louvre blades adjust their angle depending on the sun direction and they also conserve energy, eliminate glare from the sky and optimise user comfort. This is but a few high tech features this structure offers its occupants.

Incorporating Innovation with Design

There are many high risers that we can talk about, for example, the Burj Khalifa, One World Trade Center, the Shard, all of which have their own unique feature.

The Shanghai Tower has a curved façade and spiralling form which symbolizes the dynamic emergence of modern-day China. The spiral form goes beyond an attractive design; there are a 24% savings in structural wind load in comparison to the traditional rectangular design.

There are 9 vertical zones, each one rising from the sky lobby, a greenery atrium filled with plenty of light which create a sense of community and supports daily life.

Anticipated Project Metropolis officially complete – more to come

Developers and technological advancements have both combined their strengths in order to complete some of the greatest projects seen. In December of 2019, LA developers announced that Metropolis was officially complete. The massive development in Los Angeles has opened four high rises. Four buildings of 18, 38, 40 and 56 story towers have filled the visual hole in the skyline between LA Live and the Financial District.

There are a number of skyscrapers and high-rises that are set to reshape the horizon in LA. This will change the city’s profile in this new decade, especially in Downtown LA.

30 to 77 story skyscrapers are part of the dozens of ambitious projects that are planned around LA and some under construction as we speak. Be sure to stay in check with the latest updates in new high-rise projects, real estate and construction at

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