Costa Rica’s Goal to reach 100% Renewable Energy by the end of 2020

Samuel Oskys09/02/20202min
Costa Rica is a rugged, rain-forested country that’s home to just under 5 million citizens. It’s blessed with an abundance of water that flows through the nation. This free-flowing water is used to generate close to 80% of the nation’s electricity that it needs.

The country is fully committed to becoming 100% carbon neutral by the end of 2020 and the way things are looking, it’s highly probable. Why do we say this?

Last year, more than 99% of Costa Rica’s electricity was produced from renewables and in addition to hydro, 10.5% was acquired by wind turbines, 10.2 from geothermal energy and under 1% from solar energy.

To accomplish the 100% renewable energy objective, the nation is considering increasing the numbers of electric vehicles on the roads. It’s also considering other initiatives like developing its geothermal energy resources.

According to Costa Rica’s national utility company, Grupo ICE, they will consider adding geothermal resources when existing facilities reach the end of their expected service life. As things progress, further attention will be given to the expansion of hydroelectric power to boost more wind, solar and geothermal capacity. Even though the utility already has 6 existing facilities, the expansions to these existing facilities are located far from major cities and population centers as they require significant infrastructure investment to transfer the generated electricity to national grids.

The general manager of Grupo ICE expresses,

While Grupo ICE will not enter into the construction of new projects in the coming years, the analysis and planning of the energy matrix dictates that by 2027, let’s review if we must undertake a new project at the end of the useful life of some of our plants. If so, it would be in geothermal energy where there is great potential.

The fact that Costa Rica has shown the proper commitment levels to proceed with this new goal, shows they are capable of reach 100% carbon neutral soon. Costa Rica surely is a prime example of what kind of attitude nations should have when it comes to increasing renewable energy and reducing emissions.


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