Citizenship Program in Malta and its Effects

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The Malta Citizenship by Investment Program was introduced in 2014 and offers high net worth individuals (HNWIs) and their families, worldwide citizenship in a highly respected member of the European Union (EU), Malta.

Malta has been a member of the EU since 2004 and enjoys a stable political climate and a growing economy. The citizenship program is the first of its kind to be recognized by the European Commission and accepted by the executive body of the EU. Not only the Malta Citizenship by Investment program is efficient but the government is committed to the highest level of due diligence and evaluation of investors, enabling trustworthy individuals with the highest standards to be admitted.

Investors who are granted Citizenship in Malta will be issued a Naturalization Certificate which can then be extended to their families.

The Malta citizenship includes an EU citizenship which gives the right of establishment in the 28 EU countries as well as Switzerland. Successful candidates also have the ability to set up a business in Malta and enjoy visa-free travel to 160 countries and more including the US, with the Malta passport.

Who is Eligible for the Malta Citizenship Program?

As mentioned before this program has strict due diligence standards to ensure well-deserving and reputable candidates are granted the Malta citizenship and passport. Applicants must meet all the Malta immigration requirements in order to benefit from the Citizenship Program. The requirements are:

  • Clean Criminal Record
  • Healthy Condition
  • Non-refundable Contribution of €650,000 within 4 months of being issued the Malta letter of approval. Additional charges exist for spouse, children, adult children and dependent parents or grandparents
  • Purchase in Real Estate of €350,000 and maintaining it for 5 or more years
  • Rent or Lease Property for 5 or more years with a minimum annual rent of €16,000
  • Bonds or Stock Investment of at least €150,000 for 5 or more years
  • Residence in Malta of at least 183 days or by purchasing or renting a property with a visit, to prove a genuine link with the country

Access to the EU via the Malta Citizenship Program

If and when applicants fulfill the above criteria and are approved, they will receive a Malta passport that will grant access to countries of the EU. You will be able to live, work and travel visa-free anywhere within the EU member states.

However, before any of this, your application may be denied if you have any of the below:

  • Criminal Record or have been subject to a criminal investigation
  • A potential threat to Malta’s national security
  • Given false data or lied on the application for citizenship
  • The candidate is likely to harm Malta’s reputation
  • Have been denied a visa before

Additionally, Malta citizenship authorities are transparent and well-regulated which means that applicants with Maltese citizenship could be revoked if they have lied on their application forms, committed espionage or treason.

Malta’s Citizenship Program in comparison to Others

Other countries globally including mainland Europe were keen on attracting HNWIs and investors with their own citizenship programs, so interest ones are willing to look around and willing to pay the price for the citizenship program that suits them best, it would be worth comparing and comprehending the reasons why Malta’s program is one of the best available to date.


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