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International Property Investment – 5 Places to Invest

The opportunities that international property investments bring are endless. From dual citizenship’s, healthcare and education to tax incentives it is no wonder why so many high net worth individuals invest internationally. However, with so many options of investment, many people ask where should I invest? For those that do invest, it is important to keep the following in mind while on the journey of international property investment: Research the culture and way of life of the country you invest in, Gauge the tax impact, Invest with a team, Allow for unexpected costs.


Cyprus Pays Off Russian Loan After the Success of the Cyprus Investment Program

In recent years Cyprus has flourished with a strong economy, growing business sector and developing real estate sector. This was not always the case in Cyprus, as in 2011 the island suffered from a financial downturn, despite this, Cyprus has gone from strength to strength at a much quicker rate than experts predicted.

Cyprus Citizenship by Investment News

Over the past years, Cyprus has gained great attention on its Citizenship by Investment program, recently renamed to the Cyprus Investment Program. Here at High Worth Citizen, we are publishing the latest news related to Cyprus Citizenship program, including the Residency program which are popular among international investors and seekers of entry into Europe.

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