Chinese Investors Taking Citizenship by Investment Programs to the Next Level

Christopher Zenios02/09/20192min
The Chinese are spending billions on Citizenship by Investments programs. The programs are designed for people who wish to invest a certain amount of money into a country to gain a passport of that country.

It is now becoming increasingly popular for Chinas middle and upper class to take part in these programs so as to gain access to different rights, work opportunities, education and overall living benefits in other countries. As China gets wealthier more and more seize the opportunity of buying a new life.

Christian Nesheim, Founding Editor of The Investment Migration Insider, a leading source of information about global citizenship and residency investment programs, said:

Chinese investors account for two-thirds of the global ‘residence by investment’ market, and a smaller share of the ‘citizenship by investment’ market.

Recently the Associated Press collected data from 13 countries that provide citizenship or permanent residency program to gauge Chinas impact and preference of the market.

The top 6 Favourite Investment Programs Are:

1 – The US investment Program
2 – Canadas investment bond program, including Quebec
3 – Portugal’s “Golden Visa” program
4 – Hungary’s residence bond program (now suspended)
5 – Australia’s investment Program
6 – Cyprus Investment Program (Citizenship)

The Associate Press has also estimated a minimum of how much Chinese families have invested in foreign countries by multiplying the number of investors, excluding family members, by the minimum investment level for each year, in each program for the last decade. The figures are as follows:

$7.7 billion: estimated minimum investment in the United States
$6 billion: estimated minimum investment in Australia
$4.3 billion: estimated minimum investment in Canada, including Quebec
$1.96 billion: estimated minimum investment in the United Kingdom
$1.71 billion: estimated minimum investment in New Zealand

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